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Libertyville TMJ Specialist

Libertyville TMJ Specialist

When your bite is out of alignment it can lead to damage of your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). This disorder causes a variety of problems, including persistent migraines or headaches, clicking or popping in the jaw, neck and back pain, or lock jaw.

What is a TMJ Specialist?

There is not a designated dental specialty in TMJ. Because of that, no one can legally be called a TMJ specialist. Generally, when people think of a TMJ specialist, they are thinking of someone with lots of TMJ training and experience. In that sense, Dr. Potts is a TMJ specialist.

He's received TMJ training from two highly reputable centers: The Pankey Institute and the Dawson Academy. He's completed the full range of Essentials courses at the Pankey Institute, which covers aesthetics, occulusion, and restoration. Dr. Potts also completed multiple courses and seminars at The Dawson Academy. In addition to all this post-graduate training, Dr. Potts has the experience to back it up. He's been treating TMJ since 1978. All that training and experience means you will be in capable hands.

Through a series of diagnostics Dr. Potts will determine the cause of your TMJ problems and find a solution. Treatment can be anywhere from a small orthotic that is worn at night to a full-mouth reconstruction. We will always do the more conservative treatment to avoid any unnecessary work or expense.

If you suspect you have TMJ, you are welcome to set up a complimentary consultation. You'll get time with the hygienist and then about 10-15 minutes to ask Dr. Potts any questions you may have. Feel free to call our office to schedule your appointment, or you may click here to request an appointment online.